Where to get Public Liability Insurance in Qld

May 28, 2012

Public Liability Insurance QldIf you’re a Queensland business then chances are you will need public liability insurance.

But where can you get cover in Qld?  Thankfully the answer is that you can get it from many sources here in our great state.

There are numerous ways in which to take out public liability insurance.  You can go through a broker, you can go online or you can go straight to the insurance company.

Which option is best for you depends mainly on your own needs and preferences.  In this guide we will look at some of the more popular options.

Insurance Brokers

This is where most businesses have traditionally gone for advice and service on public liability and other forms of business insurance.

The benefit of using an insurance broker is that you can rely on their knowledge and experience to ensure that you are getting the right cover to suit your business.

In many cases you can also rely on the broker to do the running around for you, ensuring that you’re getting the most competitively priced insurance.

The only real downside is that many brokers charge a broker fee to cover their time.  This may be as little as $50 added to the premium, but for larger policies that fee can grow quite high.

If you can find a decent insurance broker who will charge you no or low broker fees, then you could be onto a good thing provided that they have the ability to do what you need them to do.

If you are located outside of Qld but still do business in the state, then you’ll need to ask your broker if there are any special public liability insurance requirements for Qld that may affect your business.


For those business owners in Qld who prefer not to use a broker, the next most popular option is to approach the insurance companies directly.

This can be a good option in some cases, as you can potentially save some money on the broker fee that your broker may have charged.

The downside is that everything is now your responsibility.  If you decide to set up your insurance on your own you will have to deal with the consequences if you have done something incorrectly or haven’t read the documents well enough.

We have a list of public liability insurance providers here.


Since we all have less time now days many Qld business owners are going online to sort out their public liability insurance.

There are different methods that these websites use in order to get you insured.  Some have direct links into the insurer’s systems to provide you with quotes, whilst others are backed by insurance brokers.

Some of the best websites are those that are backed by ‘real’ insurance brokers who can help you through the process via email and phone to ensure you are getting the right cover for your needs.

Getting it Done

However you choose to get your public liability insurance in Qld, the main this is to get the right cover to suit your business needs as well as your budget.