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There are some occupations and business types which need insurance more than others, and tree loppers definitely fall into that category.

As a tree lopper you know there are some serious risks that you face every day when it comes to personal injury and property damage.

Although the potential risks are high, you can protect yourself with public liability insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability is arguably the most important form of insurance for people involved in tree lopping.

This form of insurance can protect you and your business in the event that you cause property damage or personal injury to another person as a result of your business activities.

Anyone who has been in the industry will know how easy it is to cause injury or damage through falling branches or entire trees, not to mention the potential for chainsaw mishaps.

For these reasons public liability is a must for anyone running their own business or working as a subcontractor in the tree lopping industry.

Insurance considerations

The main issue you will have with public liability insurance as a tree lopper is the heights you can work at.

If you are a gardener, handyman or landscaper who does some lopping as part of the job, most insurers will have height restrictions of 3m to 5m. Some actually exclude tree lopping completely.

If tree lopping is your full time role, you will find that some insurers do not offer cover at all. In this case you will have to shop around to find an insurer who can offer you appropriate coverage.

Quotes and more information

To find out which insurers will offer cover to suit your tree lopping activities, and to find the insurers that will offer the most competitive premiums, the best option may be to use an insurance broker.

You don’t have to use a broker, but it will save you a lot of running around, and it may also save you a considerable amount of money if the broker can secure you a better deal.

The cost of your public liability cover will depend on your specific business activities, including what heights you are working at and what percentage of your time is spent on lopping.

Income Protection

Although we specialise in public liability, it would be remiss of us not to mention income protection insurance.

Handling a chainsaw at whilst perched ten or twenty metres up a tree can be quite risky, and there are plenty of news articles out there covering some nasty injuries to tree loppers.

Public liability won’t cover you for injuries that you suffer yourself, but you can still protect yourself with forms of insurance such as income protection and TPD insurance.

For more information about these forms of cover you should speak with a qualified financial adviser. By ticking this option on our online quote request we can put you in touch with a suitable professional.