If you run a business either based or operating in Queensland, we can assist you with a quote on your public liability insurance.  Just click on the orange button below.

Public Liability Insurance QLD Quote

There are a large number of insurers offering public liability insurance here in Qld, and with each insurer offering different prices for different types of businesses, it certainly pays to shop around for the best quote.

A number of factors will affect your public liability insurance quote.  The type of business you operate will have a major impact, along with the size of your business in terms of annual revenue and staff numbers.

The amount of public liability cover required will also impact upon your quotes.  Generally the cover amounts available are $5 million, $10 million and $20 million, however this can vary slightly with some insurers.

To obtain a quote on your public liability insurance from a local Qld broker simply follow the links and complete the online form.